Here is our standard rental fee.

There may be additional fee depending on the condition of the farm and distance to deliver from our office.

(For rental services, machines, fuel & labor for operators are shouldered by ARMLED)


  1. Hand Tractor (HT)

Fee: P5, 500 per ha (New rate)

  • For 3-step of plowing, harrowing & finishing


+ Option: Rotating Tiller (Turtle)

Additional Fee: P400 per ha

  • For muddy farms


  1. Four-Wheel Tractor (4WT)

Fee: P3, 500 per ha if pay upon operation

+ 2% per month if pay upon harvest

  • For single step


  1. Combine Harvester (CH)

Fee: 8-12% of total harvest

  • Fee depends on condition of farm
  • Sacks are provided by ARMLED.
  • Only for dry and accessible farms
  • Need additional fee for kariada depending on the distance from the farm to the pick-up site


  1. Rice Thresher (RT)

Fee: 7% of total harvest

  • Sacks are provided by ARMLED.


  1. Hauling by Truck (ELF/Pickup)


Fee: P5 per cavan for the first 5km

  • Need additional P1/cavan for the succeeding km
  • Please pay immediately after the service


  1. Mobile Rice Mill (MRM)


Fee: P2.5 per kg of milled rice

  • You do not have to travel. We will set the date & time for operation in your area.
  • Need minimum order of 20 cavans of palay to be milled per travel.


  1. Agri-Loan (AL)

Collection Fee: 2% per month

  • Available on limited slot
  • Only for farming purposes
  • Only for clients who utilize ARMLED RT or CH Rental. Penalty will be imposed in case that you do NOT use ARMLED RT or CH.


  1. Repair & Maintenance Service

Fee: Depends on the order

  • Please contact us for details